Analyzing the latest research in the field of dating, in 2020, about 73% of couples who joined their hearts together did so thanks to the Internet. Of course, in addition to websites, shopping centers, work and, of course, the street are popular.

Nevertheless, a greater percentage of dating occurs on Internet sites. This is direct proof that, to start a conversation on the network a lot easier, and the chance of being rejected is much less. Moreover, you do not need to feel fear and other negative emotions at the expense of the fact that you will be made fun of or just start bantering, because at such sites come people with specific requests in the field of dating, ie in search of a soul mate. The probability of success in this format of communication is off the charts.

Dating platforms are a lifeline for those who do not have time for dating in reality, who want to know some information before the meeting or those who are afraid of rejection.

To answer the question, is it worth it? Our answer is yes, without a doubt! And then the chances of love will increase. Check it out.

On this basis, we offer you a selection of the best dating sites for 2020/21g. According to the majority of users.

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This service positions itself as the largest social network in the world for dating people who live near each other. That is, it is a search for people based on geolocation. Most people prefer this service because it has gained their sympathy for simplicity and efficiency in its field.

  • Lovena24 is an online dating site, both for simple communication and for finding a serious relationship. Quick registration, a large database of questionnaires and a plentiful site functionality-increase the chances of user interest.

This is a dating site that allows you to meet girls very quickly.Every day we have thousands of new users who want only one thing – serious dating. Registration for men is open now!

TakeMe – online dating site, both for simple communication and for finding a serious relationship. Quick registration, a large database of profiles and abundant site functionality – increase the chances of user interest.

jolly — is a mainstream site for serious dating, communication and meetings. The service uses modern technology to select the most suitable people, this significantly reduces the search and pre-selection.

  • PrivetSecret – is a popular online dating site designed for young and old people. Men can meet beautiful women here who don’t mind having a heart-to-heart conversation or going out to dinner, and guys can meet the girl of their dreams with whom they can travel and enjoy life together.


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  2. Hosein says:

    Great site 👍🏻

  3. Марина says:

    Да, конечно, очень важно, особенно сейчас, в период коронавируса. Только там сейчас и можно познакомиться или общаться.

  4. Дарья says:

    Очень нужны такие сайты, у меня есть знакомые, которые через сайты познакомились и поженились, нужны такие сайты еще стеснительным людям, которые не могут подойти и познакомиться

  5. Владислав says:

    Безусловно сайт хорош, очень полезен особенно сейчас в наше время, когда толком некуда выйти.

  6. Анастасия says:

    Полностью согласна с автором! Даже знаю пару историй от знакомых, как и отшивали и ставили в неловкие ситуации. А через интернет очень даже удобно.

  7. Мариша says:

    Сайты знакомств в современном мире , на мой взгляд , важны . Так как у многих людей не хватает времени на живое общение . У меня много знакомых , которые пользуются сайтами знакомства, есть случай когда обычные знакомства в сети объединяли людей на долгое время .

  8. Раиса says:

    В нынешнее врямя то что надо, всё человечество сейчас сидят в интернете и ищут подобные сайты.

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    I loved it so much Thanks for it

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    Правильно сделали,что собрали такую подборку сайтов.для себя выбрал и решил на каком из сайтов тебе зарегистрироваться.

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    Everything is great

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    Да, конечно. Ведь здесь можно расслабиться и почувствовать себя нужною.

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    It’s so great

  14. Дарья says:

    Такие сайты помоэму нужны, здесь можно выбрать подходящий себе сайт знакомств. А если повезёт и судьбу найти.

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    I love such sites, they can safely find a couple, and find a common language with him.

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    It’s really great, thank you for this good information 👍🏻

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